Bundy Kegs & Schmeider's Cooperage

The History of Schmeider's Cooperage


In 1970 Dave Schmeider gained a four-year apprenticeship with the Bundaberg Rum Distillery. His trade involved the repairing the old kegs used for the transportation of the rum and from time to time, he also helped with the construction and maintenance work on the large maturation vats. Dave was the last cooper to learn the trade at the Rum Distillery, and In the early 1980's, the Rum Distillery installed their bottling plant so the trade then died as all the rum was bottled before shipment. As Dave loved his trade, he decided to see if he could keep it alive by starting his own business. With his wife Pam, Schmeider's Cooperage began on the 7th November, 1982.

Starting with a small workshop at the rear of their home, the trade was once again alive. Over the past 25 years, Schmeider's Cooperage has gained in both size and recognition. During this time Dave trained a number of apprentices. One of them being the current owner and head cooper Justin Gillett.

Bundy Kegs & Schmeiders Cooperage a Lifetime Experience

Justin Gillett 2010
Schmeider's Cooperage & Bundy Kegs operates from the same building that has become famous for making American White Oak casks, suitable for holding spirits and fortified wines. Schmeider's Cooperage began in 1982 and was operated by the Schmeiders. Over this time, the cooperage trained many apprentices and it is now one of these protégé's that owns the business and continues the tradition of Coopering in Bundaberg.

Justin Gillett and his team practice both traditional and modern methods to produce a quality oak cask that will give its owner a lifetime of enjoyment. The casks are produced from new american or french oak as well as wine, fortified & spirit casks that are salvaged from all over the world.

Visitors are always welcome at the Cooperage! 

While at the Cooperage, this unique trade can be watched daily as the Justin and the team work on all sort of products including maybe your own casks.  A large selection of finished kegs, keg furniture and accessories are available in our bar room and our friendly staff are only to pleased to answer any questions about our product or the trade.


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